Akoya Pearl Ring | RP00926
Akoya Pearl Ring | RP00926
Akoya Pearl Ring | RP00926
Akoya Pearl Ring | RP00926

Akoya Pearl Ring | RP00926

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For half-eternity with diamonds wrapped around half a circumference and delicately lined up, a glossy pearl is placed in the center. A royal road and gorgeous pearl ring. The design is suitable for the formal scene, but the pearl is not too big, so you can enjoy layering it with your ring or use it for a little outing. It will surely be a handy one.


Stone / Akoya pearls: 8.1 mm, diamonds: 0.246ct

Material / Platinum 900

Size / Ring maximum width approx. 8.2 mm-minimum width approx. 1.6 mm, ring maximum thickness approx. 9.0 mm-minimum thickness approx. 1.6 mm

Weight / 3.7g

Delivery time / about 1 to 7 days

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Houjudo also wholesales gemstones, so we buy pearls with a commitment. We have a large lineup of high-quality pearls such as Akoya pearls, South Sea pearls, South Sea black pearls, freshwater pearls, and Mabe pearls. A series of necklaces are hand-knitted one by one according to the customer's neck.


How to choose pearls well

Each pearl has its own individuality, and the color and luster are slightly different. As much as possible, please choose the one with the best "brightness" and the thick "maki". The size that suits you depends on your height and physique, so it is important to wear it as directly as possible and choose the one that is well-balanced.


Care for your precious pearls

Pearls may lose their brilliance and discolor if left untouched after use. Be sure to wipe it with a soft cloth after use. Also, when storing it, avoid a hot and humid place.