Encounter with the best bridal ring to vow eternal love that will continue into the future

Reason to Choose HOUJUDO

Why Hojudo is chosen

Semi-order style
Semi-order format with high degree of freedom

① Jewelry placed in the center (engagement product)

② Design of ring/pendant frame

③ Ring/pendant Frame material (Platinum 950, Platinum 900, K18 white gold, K18 yellow gold, K18 pink gold)

This is a highly flexible semi-order format where you can choose a combination of ① to ③ above. .

Type of design
Type of design

In addition to the products listed on this site, we always have over 500 sets of ring design samples available at our store.


Hojudo Originally operates as a jewelry wholesaler, so we have a wide selection of extremely rare diamonds that are not yet available on the market. In addition to FL and IF diamonds, we always have large diamonds of 1ct or more in stock. Including rare fancy cuts and pink diamonds, there are always over 300 . Of course, all of our diamonds come with highly reliable certificates such as GIA and CGL. The prices are very reasonable compared to the prices at general bridal specialty stores. Please feel free to choose the diamond that resonates most with you according to your budget.

High-quality melee diamond
Mele diamonds are also of high quality

All bridal rings made at our store use colorless, excellent cut, VS class mele diamonds . We will make the beautiful center diamond you choose even more beautiful.

Customizing the design
Arrangement customization

Hojudo has processing specialist craftsmen stationed inside the store. We can freely discuss arrangements ( ring width, matte processing, increase/decrease diamond melee, add design, etc. ) according to the wishes of the couple. You can also place your desired gemstones, such as blue diamonds or birthstones, inside the ring. Some types of gemstones are not suitable for internal implantation, so please consult with us first.

Stress-free round finish inside of the ring
Stress-free inner round finish

The inside of the ring is all finished with inokomaru (rounded corners). It is comfortable and stress-free to wear as it fits your fingers well.

Ring size
ring size

We produce rings in sizes in 0.1 increments to suit each individual's size. Perfect fit with careful size adjustment. Professional staff will take your measurements, so don't worry.

Terms for production
Production days

For bridal jewelry, all processes are made from scratch, so the production period from the time you place your order until delivery is approximately 5 weeks. . If you are in a hurry, please contact our staff.

bridal service & after-sales service
Bridal Service & Aftercare Service

When you purchase, we will not only engrave the inside of the ring, but also give you a special bridal ring case. In addition, we provide free after-care services with no limit to the number of times or deadlines, such as jewelry cleaning, ring resizing, ring deformation correction, checking for loose jewelry clasps, new finishing, and reapplying surface matte finish. are also available.