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▼Beware of fraudulent sites pretending to be our company

Existence of malicious "fraudulent sites" pretending to be our company name (Houjudo Co., Ltd.) has been confirmed.
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To those who propose marriage
To everyone who is thinking of proposing from now on - I'm interested! Engagement ring Q&A

An explanation of frequently asked questions such as budget and purchase timing! We also have male staff members who are happy to consult with you, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, such as design, how to choose a diamond, etc.

Support plan for surprise marriage proposal
Surprise proposal support plan

I want to give her an engagement ring as a surprise, but I'm not sure if the ring I chose is the design she likes. Introducing a special plan unique to Hojudo that will give him peace of mind!

High Concept High Sense
High Concept High Sense | '23 Spring/Summer Issue!

Hojudo publishes the leaflet “High Concept High Sense” twice a year. The Spring/Summer 2023 issue has been published and we would like to introduce it to you.

Coordinate & Snapshot

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HOUJUDO’s Quality

Hojudo quality

The process of making jewelry is complex, and a wide variety of craftsmen work together to create a single item. At Hojudo, we work exclusively with workshops and craftsmen in Japan, and we are particular about finishing our products with the utmost care.

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