<tc>Tahitian South Sea Black Pearl Necklace | NJ03275</tc>
<tc>Tahitian South Sea Black Pearl Necklace | NJ03275</tc>
<tc>Tahitian South Sea Black Pearl Necklace | NJ03275</tc>
<tc>Tahitian South Sea Black Pearl Necklace | NJ03275</tc>

Tahitian South Sea Black Pearl Necklace | NJ03275

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A soft red interference color with a green-gray body color. It is a beautiful South Sea south sea black pearl necklace of teri (gloss). Necklaces assembled with near-round to semi-round beads have some dimples, but thanks to that, they are usually easy to use. The black pearl x formal scene is a perfect combination, but in fact it goes great with casual styles. Please try to match it with your denim or shirt style. It will be decided coolly. It's a waste to just have a ceremonial occasion! Please use it a lot in your daily life. ..


Types of pearls / South Sea black pearls: 8.0mm-10.8mm

Material / Silver or Titanium (One Push Clasp Bracket)

Delivery time / about 14 days

Remarks / Since it will be sold as a series, we will also hand over the surplus beads. Please use it when changing the length in the future (re-knitting is free)

Handling at external shopping sites / Yes
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Special case
Hojudo warranty

We promise a lifetime warranty on the following care for all products you purchase. For details, please contact aftercare service

New finish (cleaning, polishing)
Resizing the ring
Re-engraving inside the ring
Pearl necklace thread replacement (knitting, inspection)
Other general inspections and repairs

Reservations using the reservation form will be accepted until 2 days in advance. After that time, please make a reservation by phone.




As Hojudo also wholesales jewelry, we are very particular about purchasing pearls. We have a large lineup of high-quality pearls, including Akoya pearls, South Sea white lipped pearls, South Sea black lipped pearls, freshwater pearls, and Mabe pearls. A series of necklaces are hand-woven one by one to fit the customer's neck circumference.


How to choose pearls wisely

Each pearl is unique, with slightly different colors and luster. If possible, choose one with good brilliance and thick wrapping. The size that suits you will vary depending on the person's height and physique, so it is important to try it on as much as possible and choose the one that suits your balance.


Caring for your precious pearls

If you leave pearls as they are after using them, they may lose their shine and change color. Be sure to wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth after use. Also, when storing, please avoid places with high temperature and humidity.


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