Akoya Pearl Earring | EX03908
Akoya Pearl Earring | EX03908
Akoya Pearl Earring | EX03908
Akoya Pearl Earring | EX03908

Akoya Pearl Earring | EX03908

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Earrings with softly shining baby pearls arranged in a polite manner, and when worn, the point is that the pearls, which are slightly larger, seem to fall from the earlobe in an exquisite balance. Thanks to the moderate volume, the metal fittings are not noticeable, and you can wear them neatly like earrings. Versatile earrings that can be both elegant and casual.


Stone/Akoya Pearl

Material: K18 yellow gold

Size: about 20.8mm long x about 11.0mm wide x about 4.0mm thick, screw type metal fittings


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The following items are included with this product.

Dedicated case
Houjudo warranty card

We promise the following lifetime care guarantees for all products purchased. See aftercare service for details

Brand new finishing (cleaning, polishing)
Resize the ring
Re-engraving inside the ring
Changing strings for pearl necklaces (weaving, checking)
Other general inspections and repairs

Reservations can be made up to 2 days in advance using the reservation form . After that, please call to make a reservation .



Pearl (pearl)

Houjudo is also a jewelry wholesaler, so we are very particular about our pearls. We have a large lineup of high-quality pearls, including Akoya pearls, South Sea white pearls, South Sea black pearls, freshwater pearls, and mabe pearls. A series of necklaces are hand-knitted one by one according to the size of the customer's neck.


Good selection of pearls

Each pearl has its own individuality, with subtle differences in color and luster. As much as possible, choose the one with the best "teri" and thick "maki". The size will differ depending on the height and physique of the person, so it is important to try it on as much as possible and choose the one that is well-balanced.


Care for precious pearls

Leaving pearls after use may cause them to lose their luster and discolor. Always wipe with a soft cloth after use. Also, when storing, avoid places with high temperatures and humidity.


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