<tc>South Sea  Pearl Tuck Pin Brooch | BX01884</tc>
<tc>South Sea  Pearl Tuck Pin Brooch | BX01884</tc>
<tc>South Sea  Pearl Tuck Pin Brooch | BX01884</tc>
<tc>South Sea  Pearl Tuck Pin Brooch | BX01884</tc>

South Sea Pearl Tuck Pin Brooch | BX01884

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White gold branches that draw a soft curve, diamonds studded with gorgeous diamonds and glossy pearls. An elegant tack pin brooch. The volume is not too big, so it's nice to stack with other chest / neck items such as necklaces and brooches. Since the main needle and auxiliary needle are attached to the back side, it can be determined perfectly at any angle. Recommended not only for women but also for men.


Stone / South Sea Pearl: 10.5mm, Diamond: 0.42ct

Material / K18 white gold (fastener: brass)

size / length approx. 19mm x width approx. 21mm

Weight / 5.9g

Delivery time / 1-7 days

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Special case
Hojudo warranty

We promise a lifetime warranty on the following care for all products you purchase. For details, please contact aftercare service

New finish (cleaning, polishing)
Resizing the ring
Re-engraving inside the ring
Pearl necklace thread replacement (knitting, inspection)
Other general inspections and repairs

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As Hojudo also wholesales jewelry, we are very particular about purchasing pearls. We have a large lineup of high-quality pearls, including Akoya pearls, South Sea white lipped pearls, South Sea black lipped pearls, freshwater pearls, and Mabe pearls. A series of necklaces are hand-woven one by one to fit the customer's neck circumference.


How to choose pearls wisely

Each pearl is unique, with slightly different colors and luster. If possible, choose one with good brilliance and thick wrapping. The size that suits you will vary depending on the person's height and physique, so it is important to try it on as much as possible and choose the one that suits your balance.


Caring for your precious pearls

If you leave pearls as they are after using them, they may lose their shine and change color. Be sure to wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth after use. Also, when storing, please avoid places with high temperature and humidity.


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