Wedding Ring (Marriage Ring) | KM00021 / KM00115

Wedding Ring (Marriage Ring) | KM00021 / KM00115

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Straight line ring with different center line widths.


Marriage ring/KM00021 ¥79,000
Material: Platinum 950

Marriage ring/KM00115 ¥69,800
Material: Platinum 950

Delivery time: about 5 weeks (because it is a made-to-order product)

*The above prices are for ring size #10

Houjudo was originally a jewelry wholesaler, so we always have over 300 extremely rare diamonds before they reach the market. Choose freely from diamonds with highly reliable certificates such as GIA and CGL according to your budget.
What is a GIA certified diamond?

In addition, the melee diamonds used in our bridal products are all colorless, excellent cut, and beautiful VS class diamonds.
About the 4C diamond quality standards

This product can be made from 950 platinum, 18K yellow gold, 18K white gold, and 18K pink gold.

The following items are included with this product.

Dedicated case
Houjudo warranty card

For customers who purchase bridal rings, we offer the following services and aftercare free of charge for an indefinite period of time so that you can enjoy your jewelry for many years to come.
For details, visit Bridal Service

Commemorative engraving inside the ring
Wash cleaning
Re-matting and re-polishing the ring
Check rock shake and fix
New finish
Resize the ring

Reservations can be made up to 2 days in advance using the reservation form . After that, please call to make a reservation .


Semi-order format with high degree of freedom

① Jewelry placed in the center (engagement product)

② Design of ring/pendant frame

③ Ring/pendant Frame material
Platinum 950 (ring frame), Platinum 900 (pendant frame), K18 white gold, K18 yellow gold, K18 pink gold

Please choose a combination of ① to ③ above. This is a semi-customized format with a high degree of freedom.


Arrangement customization

You can freely arrange the ring according to your wishes (ring width, matte finish, increase/decrease diamond melee, add design, etc.). You can also place your desired gemstones, such as blue diamonds or birthstones, inside the ring. Some types of gemstones are not suitable for internal implantation, so please consult with us first.



Rare and high-quality diamonds such as IF (internally flawless) and FL (flawless), diamonds with GIA certificates, large diamonds of 1 ct or more, colored diamonds, and fancy cut diamonds such as marquise, cushion cuts, and heart shapes. We always have over 300 diamonds such as and available.


Mele diamonds are also of high quality

All bridal rings made at our store use colorless, excellent cut, VS class mele diamonds . We will make the beautiful center diamond you choose even more beautiful.


Stress-free inner round finish

The inside of the bridal ring is all finished with inokomaru (rounded corners). It is comfortable and stress-free to wear as it fits your fingers well.


bridal ring case

Both the engagement ring and wedding ring will be delivered in a white ring case suitable for bridal occasions. For engagement rings, we also have elegant paulownia wood boxes that can be used for engagement rings.


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