What is GIA Appraisal

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(Gemological Institute of America)
American Gemmological Society of America


The institution that established the standard " 4C " for evaluating the quality of cut jewelery diamonds is GIA (Gemological Institute of America) American jewelry. It is a society .

Color color , Clarity clarity , Weight (carat carat) , Polishing (cut cut) , and each acronym is abbreviated as "4C". This 4C is described in the diamond " Certificate ".

GIA is regarded by international gem experts and jewelery stores as the premier certificate, and most of the world's most precious diamonds, such as the famous blue diamond "Hope Diamond", are GIA. We are judging. The judgment of GIA, an independent non-profit organization, is respected by jewelry professionals around the world as the global standard for diamond quality and reliability .

By the way, diamonds used in jewelry of leading overseas brands such as Cartier, Bvlgari, and Harry Winston also have a certificate issued by GIA, of course.

GIA grading report number


In addition, the girdle part of the diamond of GIA appraisal is laser-marked with the only appraisal number (grading report number) in the world, and if you know this number, you can always go to the GIA homepage. Since you can check the contents of the appraisal, it is very safe from the viewpoint of security such as theft.

At Houjudo, we believe that the GIA appraisal is the best in showing the quality of important diamonds, so we have prepared a large number of diamonds with a GIA appraisal so that customers can choose with confidence. Doing.
You can also check with a microscope at the store that the diamond you have selected and the diamond of the jewelry you handed over are the same.

Link: GIA Official Homepage (English)