Half eternity ring (pink diamond) | HD02155B-PD15
Half eternity ring (pink diamond) | HD02155B-PD15

Half eternity ring (pink diamond) | HD02155B-PD15

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Using 15 luxurious pink diamonds. A simple straight ring and a slender and elegant half eternity.


Stone/Pink Diamond: 0.41ct

Material/Platinum 950


Delivery time: approximately 7 weeks (as it is made to order)

Hojudo was originally a jewelry wholesaler, so we always have over 300 extremely rare diamonds in stock before they reach the market. Choose from diamonds with highly reliable certificates such as GIA and CGL that suit your budget.
What is a GIA certified diamond?

Also, all of the mele diamonds used in our bridal products are colorless, excellent cut, and beautiful VS class diamonds.
About the 4Cs of diamond quality standards

This product can be made with 950 platinum, K18 yellow gold, K18 white gold, or K18 pink gold.

This product comes with the following items.

Special case
Hojudo warranty

For customers who purchase bridal rings, we provide the following services and aftercare free of charge, indefinitely, so that you can use your jewelry for a long time.
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Commemorative engraving on the inside of the ring
Re-polishing/re-polishing the ring
Check for stone sway and refasten
New finish
Resizing the ring

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