Diamond Half Eternity Ring | RD02866
Diamond Half Eternity Ring | RD02866
Diamond Half Eternity Ring | RD02866
Diamond Half Eternity Ring | RD02866
Diamond Half Eternity Ring | RD02866

Diamond Half Eternity Ring | RD02866

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A basic eternity ring you want one. I made it with a total of 1 carat and a very satisfying volume. Since it is a nail-clamp type with no rim, you can fully enjoy the grain and beauty of the diamond. In addition, it is designed to be gorgeous but not too thick or thick, so if you have a ring you have on hand, it will be nice to wear it over. A design that is loved regardless of age or fashion. A versatile ring that you won't regret having.


Stone/Diamond: 1.00ct

Material: Platinum 900

Size: ring maximum width approx. 2.9mm to minimum width approx. 2.5mm, ring maximum thickness approx. 2.6mm to minimum thickness approx. 1.2mm


Delivery date/1 to 7 days

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Hojudo also wholesales jewelry, so we sell rare and high-quality diamonds such as IF (internally flawless) and FL (flawless) before they go on the market, diamonds with GIA certificates, and diamonds of 1 ct or more. We always have over 300 diamonds in stock, including large diamonds, colored diamonds, and fancy cut diamonds such as marquise, cushion, and heart shapes.


Diamond quality standard “4C”

The 4Cs were established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and are international standards for evaluating the quality of cut diamonds for jewelry. It is evaluated based on four points: color, clarity, weight, and cut, and is abbreviated as ``4C'' from the first letter of each. The 4Cs are listed on the diamond's certificate of authenticity.


Custom made is also possible

You can choose your own diamond that comes with a certificate of authenticity and have it tailored with the design listed (products with the "Order/renovation compatible design" mark) or with your original design from scratch. .


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