Pink Sapphire Pendant Top | PX04935
Pink Sapphire Pendant Top | PX04935
Pink Sapphire Pendant Top | PX04935
Pink Sapphire Pendant Top | PX04935
Pink Sapphire Pendant Top | PX04935

Pink Sapphire Pendant Top | PX04935

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Three pink sapphires of different sizes and shapes, plus the sparkle of diamonds, set in a well-balanced manner. An elegant and cute pendant is completed. Whether you put it on your skin or on patterned clothes, it has just the right volume to stand out. The attached chain is white gold, but since pink gold is used for the frame that holds the sapphire, it will be perfect even if you replace it with a gold necklace. Adult cute, light design. Please enjoy it on a regular basis.


Stone / Pink Sapphire: 1.95ct, Diamond: 0.23ct

Material / K18 White Gold, K18 Pink Gold

Size / Length approx. 19.1mm x Width approx. 14.6mm x Thickness approx. 5.1mm

Weight /2.6g

Delivery time / 1 to 7 days

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