Diamond Titac & Cufflinks | TK01637
Diamond Titac & Cufflinks | TK01637
Diamond Titac & Cufflinks | TK01637
Diamond Titac & Cufflinks | TK01637

Diamond Titac & Cufflinks | TK01637

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A cool and luxurious set of tie tacks and cuffs that adds the brilliance of diamonds to gold that feels moist and heavy. Thanks to the matte finish of the gold part and the partially used platinum, it gives an elegant impression while using gold generously. It has a gorgeous yet calm design, so you can use it regardless of the material of your shirt or tie. Of course, it is a gem that will surely please you as a gift for your loved ones.


Stone / Cufflinks: Diamond 0.14ct
Titac: Diamond 0.05ct

Material / K18 yellow gold, platinum 900 (tie tap fastener: brass)

Size / Cuffs: Length approx. 13.7mm x Width approx. 20.0mm x Thickness approx. 4.6mm
Titac: Length approx. 10.7mm x Width approx. 9.8mm x Thickness approx. 4.7mm

Weight / Cufflinks: 12.0g, Titac: 4.4g

Delivery time / 1-7 days

Handling at external shopping sites / Yes
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