custom made pendant necklace

Made-to-order pendant necklace

We will tailor the only original pendant necklace in the world using the diamond loose of your choice.

The price is only added the production cost (including the price of the melee diamond, parts, and chain) to the price of the diamond loose. Just choosing your favorite diamond loose, design and material, and you will get a wonderful diamond necklace ♪

Choose a Diamond loose

1. 1. Choose diamond loose

Choose material and design

2. 2. Choose design and material

To be finished

<tc>3. The only special pendant necklace in the world is completed!</tc>

4 easy steps to order ♪

① From the diamond loose list (for custom-made pendant necklaces), choose your favorite diamond loose and enter the product page.
* Diamond loose only can be purchased (green price display is the price of loose only).

(2) Select your favorite design from [Additional options] at the bottom of the page.
* Price varies depending on the carat, material, and chain shape of the diamond loose (《Reference example》 6-claw solitaire design from JPY 28,000, halo design from JPY 53,000(including chain)).

③ The item [Select chain type / Adjustable length] will be displayed. Select Cuale or Venetian chain.

④ The additional amount for creating the pendant necklace will be displayed. After checking, click the "Add to Cart" button to proceed to the purchase procedure.

《Diamond Loose》

We introduce some diamond loose for Made-to-order pendant necklace. In addition to this, we have many looses available. Please see the list of diamond looses from the above " Search for loose " or " See all products " at the bottom. You can also refine your search.

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