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Houjudo releases leaflet twice a year " High Concept High Sense".
The Spring / Summer 2022 issue has been released.

The featured article in this issue is
Special Feature 1: The jewel "Emerald World" that Cleopatra loved
Special Feature 2: Spring / Summer, 2022 Collection
-It is now! The power of jewelry that brightens your expression in your daily life! ~

Please enjoy yourself.

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Sometimes the emerald is likened to the clear waters of the tropical country, and sometimes the fresh green color. It has a long history and is famous as a jewel that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra loved. People tend to think that "green is a fashionable advanced color", but in reality it is a versatile color that goes well with any color. Like the green leaves that put together a bouquet of colorful flowers, it will surely upgrade your coordinator in your style.

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Introduction to Emerald


Emerald, the representative of "green gems", is actually the same mineral as light blue aquamarine and pink morganite. A clear and beautiful green color is created by containing a small amount of chromium. Colombia is famous for producing high-quality emeralds, but the popularity and value of emeralds have skyrocketed in recent years due to the declining production.


■ Birthstone: May
■ Production area: Colombia, Zambia, etc.
■ Stone language: "luck" "happiness" "marital love" "stability" "hope"

エメラルド リング(指輪) | RE00351

(The above photo / dignified emerald is a modern one with large diamond and gold accents)


It is now!
The power of jewelry that brightens your expression in your daily life!



For long necklaces made in Italy, we recommend a chain type necklace whose impression changes completely depending on the design, volume, and length of the parts. Try arranging it in a lariat style or by connecting it in a circle. The diamond line bangle and ring are also combined with gold for a rich and feminine new fashionable style.


Products worn by models



The tanzanite ring, which is highly rare and changes in various shades, is the main character. By combining with the diamond ring, the attraction of colored stones is maximized. A diamond necklace is casually layered on the chest to add sparkle. That's why now, get jewelry that you'll use for a long time and express your personality.


Products worn by models

ダイヤモンド ネックレス | PD03360
Diamond necklace | PD03360
タンザナイト リング(指輪) | TAK0169
Tanzanite Ring | TAK0169
ダイヤモンド パヴェリング(指輪) | RD02404
Diamond pave ring (ring) | RD02404
ダイヤモンド ピンキーリング(指輪) | RM03655
Diamond pinky ring| RM03655



You will be impressed beautiful and bold with black pearls of plenty of presence. Use aggressive pearls to spice up casual mode and bring it to your hands in a gorgeous season. The diamond brooch is cute and playful, and you can change the position to put it on to upgrade your mood and fashion! Let's try the style that is perfect for the casual style.

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All the jewels introduced this time are the jewels handled by Houjudo. You can also pick it up directly at the shop and see it. If you have something you like, please feel free to contact us.

In the future, "High Concept High Sense" will continue to introduce you the attractive various gems around the world and the coordination of seasonal jewelry.
Please look forward to it next time!

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