Please be careful of fraudulent sites


The existence of a malicious "fraudulent site" that pretends to be our company's name (Hojudo Co., Ltd.) and steals payments has been confirmed.

↓Fraud site

We have notified the above site administrator that the site will be deleted.

In addition to damage such as not receiving the product even after payment has been made, there is a possibility that personal information such as the customer's ID, password, credit card information, etc. may be illegally obtained. Please be careful not to use malicious sites.

Please do not access fake sites or enter personal information, as your personal information may be misused or lead to fraud.

*Our online shopping site is below.

◎Hojudo Co., Ltd. Official Page

◎Hojudo Rakuten Market Store

◎Hojudo YAHOO! Store

In the unlikely event that you become a victim, please sort out the circumstances at the time of purchase, prepare proof of payment (transfer), etc., and then contact the cybercrime consultation desk at the nearest police station or consumer center. Thank you for your understanding.

Also, if you paid by bank transfer or credit card, please contact the financial institution or credit card company where the payment was made.

○ Consultation counter at each prefectural police headquarters

○ Consumer Affairs Agency “Internet mail order trouble”

*We are not responsible for any troubles between customers and fraudulent sites.
We ask our customers to be careful.


Hojudo Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director
Masanobu Takebayashi