Diamond earrings | EP01539
Diamond earrings | EP01539
Diamond earrings | EP01539
Diamond earrings | EP01539

Diamond earrings | EP01539

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A classical design with beautiful delicate work. Luxurious pierced earrings with generous use of both gold and diamonds. It has a solid volume, but thanks to the openwork and the use of two colors, white and yellow gold, it gives a light impression. Unusual for Italian products, you can wear either earrings or earrings. It is a special gem that makes your face gorgeous.


Stone / Diamond: 0.48ct

Material / K18 yellow gold, K18 white gold

Size / Length approx. 18.8mm x Width approx. 11.7mm x Thickness approx. 1.4mm

Weight / 9.8g

Country of manufacture / Italy

Delivery time / 1 to 7 days

Handling at external shopping sites / Yes
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Houjudo also wholesales gemstones, so rare and high-quality diamonds such as IF (Internally Flawless) and FL (Flawless), diamonds with GIA certificate, 1ct or more before on the market. We always have more than 300 diamonds, including large diamonds, colored diamonds, fancy cut diamonds such as marquise, cushion, and heart shapes.


Diamond quality standard "4C"

"4C" is an international standard for evaluating the quality of cut jewelery diamonds, established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It is evaluated from the four points of color (color), transparency (clarity), weight (carat), and polishing (cut), and is abbreviated as "4C" from each acronym. This 4C is described in the diamond "certificate".


Custom-made is also available

You can choose the diamond with the certificate by yourself and make it with the posted design (product with the "order reform compatible design" mark) or the original design from scratch. ..